Harnessing Nature

to Help Farmers Sustainably Feed the Panet

Indigo is a consomer-focused agriculture company that applies biological and digital technologies to improve grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health.

Increased Yield with Indigo

Open Quotation MarkIt seems like Indigo is one of the few [companies] that says ‘let’s both make money’ — they’re wanting to help your bottom line. It’s a good model and a good partnership. Close Quotation Mark

Jackson Webb



Open Quotation MarkWith Indigo, we’re looking at safe products that we can get maximum value out of. The Indigo model lets us try new products and compare them with peers around the state of Kansas. It’s very exciting, because we’re all trying to get back to what’s natural — what’s safe for our farms and our families. Close Quotation Mark

Thayne Larson



Open Quotation MarkAg production today is extremely difficult — we’ve seen a lot of three-generation farms disappear. As a grandfather, there’s nothing I’d want more than to see this farm to pass on from generation to generation. On our farm, it’s important that we bridge the gap between profitability and sustainability, and that’s part of Indigo’s mission as well.Close Quotation Mark

Fred Schields



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